Ultimate QProofs (video)

On January 20, 2020 I published this two-hour video which compiles many of the “coincidences” which verify the connection between Q and President Trump. Other than my mentioning Trump’s impeachment in the present tense (which now feels like a lifetime ago) I think this video holds up pretty well.

After being online for a full year, on January 21, 2021, YouTube removed the video, deeming it to have violated their Harassment and Cyberbullying guidelines.

I’ve been able to appeal YouTube’s decision, so it will be interesting to see if they can provide clarity on exactly what I might have said to violate their terms. If they’re not able to point to anything specific, perhaps they will reinstate it.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in revisiting the video it has been mirrored on several other platforms:

Rumble | Bitchute | Vimeo

05:00 – The Calm Before the Storm
12:15 – “Tippy Top” / Alice & Wonderland
15:35 – Tripcode Change
16:54 – Q74 Firetruck
19:47 – Honk for Q
24:30 – #17
36:23 – Direct Confirmations
42:02 – Q/POTUS Deltas
53:25 – VIP Anon
57:57 – US Armed Forces
01:05:43 – Sanctions are Coming
01:09:54 – Red Castle / Green Castle
01:15:30 – Gingerbread Crumbs
01:20:02 – The Ultimate Q
01:25:32 – North Korea
01:42:04 – FISA = Start
– Proofs in Play