Credit: Jon McNaughton

The ‘Q’ Revolution

America is currently in the midst of a Second Revolutionary War.  The battle currently taking place differs to that of 1776 in that the current war is not being played out on a physical battlefield.  Instead, the terrain is the minds of US citizens and the game is information warfare.

On one side, a globalist elite is already well advanced in its offensive; battling for control of the population; using its assets in the media to wage a constant assault on the psyche of the American people; striving to maintain a constant state of fear; and dividing Americans, provoking them to attack one another, leaving them unable to identify the true enemy attempting to enslave them.

The opposing side rejects globalism and takes pride in American sovereignty and the values upon which the Republic was founded. These patriots aim to counter the Fake News fear narrative and awaken the public to the establishment’s encroachment upon their civil liberties, and encourage Americans to unite in order to defend their constitutional freedoms.

A key weapon in the game of information warfare is Q, an entity who posts to anonymous internet forums including 4chan, 8chan and 8kun – with the posts purporting to be written by a small team of insiders from within the US Military Intelligence community.  Much like Thomas Paine’s Common Sensewhich when first published in January 1776 was done so anonymously – Q’s writing aims to help Americans understand the value of independence, and identify the ways in which American sovereignty is under threat.

Over the course of nearly 5000 posts to date, Q has painted a disturbing picture of how the United States has been subverted, as prominent figures within the government, mainstream media, academia and big tech have been corrupted by foreign powers and no longer serve the American people.  Rather than adversaries of the US attempting to conquer via an invasion –– a nigh impossible task when the citizenry is armed –– the military insiders posting as ‘Q’ have alerted the public to a stealthy tactic of infiltration, whereby the enemy has bought influence in American institutions in an attempt to destroy the country from within.

By covertly infiltrating these institutions, foreign adversaries have engaged in a multi-pronged attack upon American culture.  Their aim: to detach Americans from their history and heritage; to destroy national pride; and to erode the principles which the founding fathers knew were essential to the preservation of the Republic.

With this accomplished it was hoped that American citizens could be easily manipulated and, through the use of fear campaigns broadcast by the mainstream media, be terrorised to a point where they felt powerless and were willing to relinquish their sovereignty to unelected and unaccountable bureaucracies for the sake of their own protection.

In the same way Paine’s Common Sense was able to mobilise Patriots to serve during the American Revolution, Q’s posts have been successful in recruiting an army of Digital Soldiers, willing to take up (virtual) arms in this 21st century Information War to fight for the survival of their nation.

Building the Army

The arrival of Q has made it possible for truth-seeking patriots to become connected and organised.  After first appearing in October 2017, Q began by providing newly recruited digital soldiers with a bootcamp, during which the Q team patiently helped anons/autists learn how to interpret their cryptic drops, whilst familiarising them with the deep state and the full scope of its corrupt activities.  Now as a cohesive unit, these patriots have developed into “a massive group of dedicated gold star researchers” who have a keen understanding of the digital battlefield.

Armed with knowledge, digital soldiers are now tasked with creating artillery with which to fight back against the Washington D.C. establishment and its allies within the Fake News.  These digital munitions take the form of graphics, memes, articles and videos which can be deployed across the internet.  Rather than having a destructive effect, these “truth bombs” are designed to help those Americans still loyal to the establishment to begin to question the media narrative.  By disrupting the previously fortified echo chambers of the unawakened masses, the mission of the Patriots is to provide knowledge to help empower their fellow citizens and allow them to begin the process of “breaking the chains of group-think”.  

The number of traitors within government and media who have been assisting foreign adversaries with their insurgency is minute in comparison to the number of patriotic Americans within the broader population.  The Second American Revolution will be won simply by awakening the public to the threat of infiltration, and helping Americans identify the tactics by which the establishment has sought to keep them misinformed, divided and in fear.

The exposure of these traitors within government and their role in the plan to destroy America is referred to by Q as “The Great Awakening”.  Q forecasts that these revelations will precipitate a (peaceful) revolution, referred to by Q and President Trump as “The Storm”. This movement will culminate with American citizens uniting as patriots to rediscover the collective power that We, the people have to hold its government to account.

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