Q / POTUS Deltas

One of the primary methods by which Q and President Trump verify their connection is by coordinating the timing of their online posts.  This form of QProof is referred to as a ‘Delta’, as this term acknowledges the difference in time between the relevant Q drop and related POTUS tweet.

Delta proofs tend to occur after periods when both Q and Trump have not posted for a considerable amount of time. The premise is that by Q posting a drop just moments in advance of a Trump tweet (after a period of mutual silence), this is a demonstration of their close proximity and the Q team’s foreknowledge of when the President is about to tweet.

Early examples of Delta proofs

When the Q team first began establishing Deltas as a form of proof in late 2017/early 2018, there were instances where the gap between Q post and related Trump tweet was as much as several minutes. With these early examples there was continuity in the subject of what both Q/POTUS were writing about, thereby helping anons/autists to identify the connection between the Q drop and related POTUS tweet.

[0] Deltas

Now that anons have become familiar with the concept of Deltas, and know to look out for them, it is no longer necessary for the drops/tweets to have continuity of subject. Instead Q and President Trump now focus on achieving as small a delta as possible.

Achieving a perfect [0:00:00] Delta isn’t as easy as it may first appear. Given that both Q and President Trump use military encrypted devices, and Q’s drop has to reach the foreign 8kun server, there is an unpredictable lag between their messages being ‘pushed’ and the drop/tweet reaching their respective feed.

The current personal best time for a Q/POTUS Deltas is 3 seconds, with Q referring to President Trump’s social media manager by joking that “Dan is to blame” for this near miss.

[1-year] Deltas

In addition to attempting to get Q/POTUS Deltas as close to [0:00:00] as possible, the Q team have established that certain drops from the past provide markers for events that will come to fruition exactly one or more years to the day after they were initially posted:

Having just passed the third anniversary of the first Q post on October 28, we are already beginning to see [3-year] Deltas, with the first example being Q informing us that the National Guard would be activated in 12 cities to help protect the 2020 election.

Since Q began posting they have assured anons that, despite the seeming chaos of the gathering storm, we are “watching a movie” and should “trust the plan”. Whilst Q acknowledges that this shouldn’t be mistaken as a means for Digital Soldiers to become complacent in the ongoing information war, we should rest assured that “patriots are in control”, and that the path to victory is planned with military precision.