Motorcade Honk

On July 24, 2018, President Trump travelled to Kansas City, Missouri, to give his remarks at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.

To those only tracking the President’s activities via the mainstream media, this would have seemed like a largely uneventful day.  However, for those following Q’s drop via 8chan, this is a memorable occasion on which the Q team provided with multiple confirmations (“proofs”) to verify their close connection to President Trump.

After a 20-day period of radio silent beginning July 4, Q’s first post upon their return opened with the line “From Sea to Shining Sea”.

Shortly thereafter President Trump arrived to give his address, and entered the convention centre to his usual soundtrack: Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the U.S.A.  However, atypically, we saw Trump gesture to highlight the song lyric “from sea to shining sea”.

An anon noted this, and tweeted: “What line in the opening song did @Potus point out just five minutes after Q’s first drop today.“. Q linked to this tweet and asked anons “do you believe in coincidences?”

Honk for Q

Later that same day we were provided with another QProof.

Having known that the President was visiting their home state, two Kansas residents, Kath and her daughter-in-law Kaitlin, had an idea for how to get a confirmation from the Q team.  Together they designed a ‘Honk for Q’ poster to hold up and try to get a response from the President’s Motorcade.

Without any forewarning it is highly unlikely that the motorcade would have spotted the sign and even less likely that the Secret Service drivers would have been authorised to respond.  With this in mind, Kath tweeted a picture of their sign to the @POTUS_Schedule account on Twitter, prompting the president’s staff to look out for them whilst providing their approximate location.

The @POTUS_Schedule account had been linked to by Q several weeks earlier on June 13, 2018, so many anons believed that the person operating this Twitter account may have been connected to someone in the Q team.

Subsequent to this event, the @POTUS_Schedule account was terminated by Twitter for unknown reasons.  Whilst it wasn’t verified by Twitter with a blue checkmark, web archives show this account published detailed information about the President’s timetable, behind the scenes photos from his press events, Air Force 1 flight paths, as well as photos from inside the Presidential Motorcade.  These materials would be hard to come by if the user behind this account were not working closely with the President and his team.

This video below shows what happened when the motorcade passed Kath and Kaitlin:

This video was initially shared on Q sub-Reddit, The Great Awakening.  Q linked to this page in drop #1691:

This particular subReddit, The Great Awakening, was one of the first online platforms to fall victim to big tech censorship.  Fortunately, several snapshots of this particular thread were preserved via

Here’s a comment from the Reddit thread from a former Q sceptic whose perspective changed after these events.

The best is yet to come

In February 2019, Q re-shared the Motorcade Honk video to familiarise new arrivals to the Q movement with this proof.

This Q drop also debuted the line “the best is yet to come”, an expression which has since become a key tagline for President Trump’s 2020 election campaign.  Another lucky coincidence?